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Leon de Bruxelles

Posted: 08/20/15

Leon de Bruxelles

Restaurant: France Leon_de_Bruxelles Paris

Nelson @Leon_Officiel: Although not strictly French food as Moules et Frites are a more famous Belgian dish, but also popular in France. This chain restaurant even had English menus and I'm not sure whether that is a good or bad thing. In French culture it is typical to eat dinner really late - 8PM is considered early - and then eat your meal for 2 hours. The fact that this place was busy early probably meant it was full of mostly tourists. Pretzels to start.
Let's get straight to the Mussels! There are different varieties to try and I hadn't seen this flavour before so I tried it. It was Mussels Dijonnaise (18.1€) with mussels cooked with flavoursome grain mustard, shallots, white wine and creme fraiche from Isigny Ste Mere. This tasted great and it had a lot of grainy mustard that really stuck with the mussel and added a lot of flavour. It was delicious.
This is off the prixe fixe menu (comes with dessert for 17.50€), "South styled" mussels with pasta, tomato sauce, creme fraiche, black olives, garlic and mixed herbs. For some reason the mussels in this dish were noticeable worse than any other dish. Was it the way it was cooked? The pasta was decent and although hard to tell from the picture there was a decent amount of sauce.
Although the picture looks similar, this is Leon Mussels (17.7€) with Isigny ste Mere creme fraiche, celery and white wine and shallots. I never thought it would be possible for celery to add to the flavour so well in a dish. This was my second favourite.

Although not pictured, we tried a pot of "normal" mussels called mussels mariniere with slightly salted butter, finely chopped shallots, white wine and parsley. It was ok, but I much preferred the more heavily flavoured ones.

Here is the other important component to the meal, the frites. These were unlimited, but we didn't order much more than the default order. They were crisp and fried well. A little plain but for some reason still quite addictive.
These are the Spanish styled mussels (7.70€) a cold dish of mussels identified by the taste of pepper and seasoned with basil, lemon juice and shallot. This dish was soso.
As part of the prixe fixe, we tried a variety of desserts. This is blackcurrant sorbet with salted butter caramel.
The classic creme brulee with brown sugar.
This is the Frere Jean waffle with sugar. I didn't have much dessert, instead I finished the fries. I've been to brussels, the origin of this dish and thought I had a better experience, but the rest of the family really enjoyed this meal.


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