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Union Station Food Trucks

Posted: 08/19/15

Union Station Food Trucks

Restaurant: Hot_Bunzz Toronto Uncle_Tetsu

dre @HotBunzzTO: Right on Front Street outside Union Station, a bunch of food trucks have been stationed there. I went with some coworkers to check it out and after walking up and down several times, these buns enticed me the most.

The smaller buns were 2/$7 and they were the size of your typical BBQ pork bun that you get at a Chinese bakery store. They had a couple different types, and I chose to try the Korean Short Ribs Bun and the Butter Chicken Bun.

They were both pretty good, with nice flavours, but not necessarily very filling.

I also tried Uncle Tetsu cheesecake (1/8 for $2), and maybe it wasn't that fresh, I didn't find anything special about it. It tasted very similar to a Chinese-style cheesecake I can also get from a Chinese bakery.

I will definitely come back before the trucks close (end of the September) and try another place!


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