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McDonald's Macarons

Posted: 08/16/15

McDonald's Macarons

Restaurant: France McDonalds Paris

Nelson @McDonaldsEurope: Did you know that even McDonald's in France serves Macarons? And following the McDonald's way, it's pretty cheap at 5€ for six. Starting top left going clockwise are pistache, cafe, framboise, vanille, caramel and chocolat. Are they good? They are decent, but you can definitely taste the difference. For example the strawberry one used straight up jam for the filling. In general macarons are good because the flavours are intense, but all of these are very plain without any strong flavours. At least the texture is decent with some firm sponginess to them. My favourite was the salted caramel from this selection. Ok to buy in a pinch, but might as well pay extra for the fancy ones.
I had the 280 Original (8.70€ for combo) which is a a really big patty with tomato, ketchup, mayo and cheese on top. I liked the fresh tomato on top, but overall this sandwich was a bit dry. It wasn't anything special, but it was large and perhaps filling.
It looks moist, but it really wasn't.
Instead of regular fries you can also get Grande Twister Fries. I always think that the concept of twister fries is great, but when I actually eat it I'm always a little disappointed. They were ok and perhaps would be a nice change of pace from the regular fries, but not something I would seek out.

See how many differences there are?


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