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Paradise Banquet Hall

Posted: 08/15/15

Paradise Banquet Hall

Restaurant: none

dre @ Paradise Banquet Hall: We went to a wedding at Paradise Banquet and Convention Centre. From the highway, the building looked really nice, but the parking situation already gave me a bad first impression. There wasn't any parking in the area by the entrances of the building, and I saw that people were parking on the street at in adjacent parking lots of other businesses. I was almost going to follow suit, but was told to go around the building to the back where there was ample parking, but a far walk to the doors. Extra difficult when you are lugging children around and your husband was part of the wedding party and couldn't help.

Anyway, I got inside and of course took a picture of the wedding cake. I didn't end up eating any that night, but Mike had helped the groom pack it up and store the top 2 layers into our freezer, so the next day when the groom offered me some, I tried the middle layer, which was hazelnut. It was delicious! It reminded me of eating a Ferrero Rocher in cake form. Yummy!

The bride is a veterinarian, so that might explain the cat cake toppers. And she loves cats!

Taking care of the 2 girls by myself was a little daunting, but I had some help with my parents holding Lauren for a bit, and my friend playing with Kristen as I tried to feed them and myself throughout the night. We started with a Lobster Bisque Soup. I only had half the bowl, had to attend to a child, and then the soup was taken away. It wasn't very good though, bland and too watery for a bisque.
The next dish was a mixed green salad. It was nicely put together, instead of the regular green on a plate, so it took some work to cut the cucumber and dig out the lettuce. It wasn't anything special, but it was decent. I had cut up the cucumber and tomatoes for Kristen to eat, but since she was playing with the other kids, she didn't come back to the table for a while, and the servers kept asking to take the plate away. They must have attempted to take it away at least 2 times. Perhaps there was a metric for them to clear the table as fast as possible.
The pasta was an Agnolotti alla Rose. This was the best dish of the night and I wished they gave us more than 5 pieces on this giant plate.
The mains served was a Beef Medallion and Fillet of Salmon with vegetables and potatoes. The beef was very chewy and I wasn't a big fan. I heard the salmon was okay, but again, after an extended time away from the table, they had taken my plate away before I had a chance to try it! :(
There was a kid's meal! I wished they served this earlier, as little kids eat slow and this would occupy their time. It was a chicken parmesan with similar vegetables as the adult meal. By this time, Kristen was too excited to run around with her friends and only ate a couple bites of chicken. It would have been better with some French fries as that would be more appealing to the kids :)
Dessert were these sad scoops of lemon sorbet and chocolate ice cream. The chocolate ice cream was actually part of the kid's meal. I am not a fan of sorbet and lemon so this was not a dessert for me. Also, they had run out of these glasses, so that's why they were served in these salad bowls.

Although the food was subpar, the service was subpar, and the parking was not great, I still had a good time chatting with friends and watching the kids have fun that night!


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  • Good job taking photos though, it sounds so stressful handling two kids without help and also trying to eat your own meal!
    Nelson @ 2015-08-20
  • Thanks! At least I had plenty to drink that night as I didn't have to drive home :)
    dre @ 2015-08-20

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