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Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival (2014)

Posted: 08/06/15

Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival (2014)

Restaurant: Roundhouse_Craft_Beer_Festival Toronto

Nelson @SteamWhistle @Bunzurbncuisine #RHCBF: A great event to try out a variety of beers, @SteamWhistle runs this beer festival every summer at the Roundhouse. This year it's August 8-9 and features over 30 Ontario craft breweries and a dozen food trucks. These photos are from last year's two day event when I went on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I saved these pictures for the following year (ie now) as posting about the event after it happened didn't seem productive.and some of the vendors are returning anyway.

DISCLOSURE: The entry fee ($20) was provided free of charge to me to help promote this event.

Look at all those vendors setup ready to take your tokens! They are all overshadowed by the large steam whistle water tank though.

There were many food choices at this event and I opted to order something from Bunz Urban cuisine as they were advertising deliciously hot and messy sandwiches. This is the pulled pork sandwich for only $7 and look how stuffed it is with meat. I have never seen this before, but they sprayed mesquite flavouring onto the insides of the sandwich. Do what works, right? It was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed this with my many beers.
First up is Side Launch (@sidelaunch) where I tried their wheat and pale ale. I really liked their wheat beer (I'm partial to wheat beers after all) over their pale ale, but both were good.
These two are from Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery from Barrie Ontario (@FlyingMonkeys). On the right is Orange Mungus and on the left is "She gives good hops". The citrus flavour of the orange mungus was intense and I kinda liked that. The hoppy beer was as advertised.
From Sawdust City Brewing (@sawdustcitybeer) is the skinny dipping stout. I wanted some variety in beers, so that's why I ordered this stout. I really really really enjoyed this stout with coffee flavours. I used three "really's" in my notes so I think I was getting tipsy. I also know that because after this one I stopped taking notes. Yup, I'm a light weight.
Next up is Highlander Brew Co (@HighlanderBrew) with their Blacksmith smoked porter (6.5% ABV). It's described as brawny complex malt with notes of chocolate, dark roast with burnt espresso edges, hints of maple and mellow, smoke peat. Sounds good right? Unfortunately I was too drunk to write any tasting notes, so you'll have to get by with their wonderful description.
For my last token I went back to Flying Monkey and ordered their chocolate manifesto. I wish I remembered how chocolatey this one was as stouts are one of my favourite types of beers (along with wheat beers). As it is, I don't remember anything about it. I will have to try it the next chance I get.

A really fun event, you get to keep the glasses, which we use at home a surprising amount. There's a nice lawn to sit on and enjoy your drink. Beer, food and sun are a perfect combination. It's a great time that I would highly recommend!


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