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Wedding at Malaparte

Posted: 08/07/15

Wedding at Malaparte

Restaurant: Oliver_and_Bonaccini Toronto

dre @OB_Events: We went to a wedding held at Malaparte, a venue on the 6th floor of the Bell Tiffbox downtown Toronto. There was a tent set up on a large patio area outside, and although it was really hot and muggy that day, being higher up meant there was a nice breeze going through the patio.

The dinner was catered by Oliver and Bonaccini chefs and we started off with some bread.

The appetizer I chose was the Big Eye Tuna Tataki. The tuna was delicious!
Mike got the Creamy Corn and Lobster Chowder. I enjoyed his soup, and drank half of it as it was too lobstery for him. Bonus for me!
My main dish was the Northern Atlantic Cod. It was supposed to be seared, but they had forgotten to sear all the cod. It was good, but I think I would have enjoyed it better if it was slightly cooked more and seared. The mush at the back right was Prawn Mousseline. I've never had prawns like that before and it reminded me of shrimp baby food. It was well flavoured though.
Mike had the Dry-Aged Ontario Strip Loin. The steak was done medium rare and was very tender and full of flavour.
For dessert, we got a Chocolate Cream Pie. Nothing too special about it, but it was tasty. Too much cream for me though. Mike ate all the cream. He liked cream a lot.
Finally, we waited a long time for these ice cream sandwiches to come out! We weren't used to staying out so late! There were two types - chocolate chip cookie with rum ice cream and oatmeal cookie with ice cream that I can't remember the flavour...but it had bacon in it! I think it was salted caramel, but I never made a note, so can't confirm. The sandwiches were really hard to eat as the ice cream was melting really fast and the cookies were very hard to bite into, so it was a gooey mess. I didn't think the bacon added much to the ice cream.

It was a fun night without the kids and it was nice to have uninterrupted conversation!


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