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French Croissants

Posted: 08/04/15

French Croissants

Restaurant: France Maison_Legendre Paris

Nelson: When in France, you must enjoy the croissants, right? Well I went out and bought these for breakfast for us to enjoy. The closest bakery was about a 1 minute walk away, but is closed for two days a week and happened to fall on this day, so I had to take a 4 minute walk to the next closest one in that direction. Again it's the same bakery as before, but as I really enjoyed them previously I had no complaints. I also bought a baguette, this time a sesame one. The baguette was a little crisper than the previous ones and the sesame seeds added a different flavour than just having a regular baguette, an almost Asian flavour. It's good too, but I think I prefer the regular version.

Once again the croissants were amazing. I expected nothing less.


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