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L'Insoumise Mains and Desserts

Posted: 08/02/15

L'Insoumise Mains and Desserts

Restaurant: France L_Insoumise Paris

Nelson: Right away in France, I wanted to try something stereotypically French, so I chose the magret de canard (duck breast). I screwed myself over though by ordering this well done and as a result it wasa little tdry and chewy. I tried some else's medium rare piece and it was only slightly better. So I was a little disappointed with this meat, although it could be entirely my own fault. The sauce is quite good though and I would describe it as creamy mushroom, but visually it did not look like that. The potatoes were great though and soaked up the sauce wonderfully.
Kitty had the filet de saumon. The fish was cooked well and the pasta too. The pasta was a bit sour though from the lemony sauce.
This first dessert is the tarte tatin which had pear with mascapone and pastry. I liked this one better than yesterday's
Next is a dessert that I had to wait a long time for as we sat down to dinner too early and this one wasn't quite ready yet. It's called pain perdu, and honestly we just wanted to order it because of the funny name - lost bread. Turns out it means "lost" as in "not fresh" and it is just bread pudding. It was delicious!
Last is the mousse au chocolat. It comes with a pocky stick! It had a medium thickness to it and not too sweet. Basically a crowd pleaser.


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