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L'Insoumise Apps

Posted: 07/31/15

L'Insoumise Apps

Restaurant: France L_Insoumise Paris

Nelson: Let's start dining like the French. This place was recommeneded by a friend and it seeemed to be filled with locals. Well filled at dinner time which is around 9PM in Paris. French people eat really late, only when the sun has set and then proceed to enjoy their meals and eat it slowly. Like most restaurnants in France there is a set menu, 20€ for two of entree, plats and/or dessert or 24€ for all three.

Let's start with the entrees (appetizers). This is the terrine maison. It's made mostly of pate and shaped into bricks and then cut. Tasted ok and firmer than what I'm used to.

The fresh baguettes went well with my appetizer...
Creme de foie gras. I've never had anything like this before and I thought it was amazing. The consistency is creamy yet not too soft. Instead of a heaviness and fatty flavour like regular foie gras, this was much lighter and airy with a more subtle flavour yet retaining the natural unmistakable flavour of foie gras. The cream adds smoothness and a bit of sweetness too. Then there are these large salt crystal bombs on top that make the taste explode. This was my favourite thing from whole meal and it wasn't even close.
Oops, this is actually an after dinner dish (dessert), but on my first pass of going through the pictures I thought it was an appetizer. Oh well, I'll describe it here anyway. Kitty tried this faiseselle fromage. It's a very sour cheese that is almost yogurt-like. I think it is a type of cottage cheese. The honey and granulated flavoued sugar on the side help make this into a dessert. I don't think Kitty like this one too much.
This is the veloute de courgette or zucchini soup. It can be served hot or cold. The people who ordered this really enjoyed it as it had a lot of zucchine flavour to it and had a perfect amount of creaminess.
We must eat and drink like the French people do, so we had a bottle of wine with our meal. The next post will include the mains and (more) desserts.


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