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Croque Monsieur

Posted: 07/29/15

Croque Monsieur

Restaurant: France Paris

Nelson: Just walking around Paris looking for a snack, we come across a popular French snack called Croque Monsieur (4.5€), which consists of grilled ham and cheese with Béchamel sauce. It looks so appetizing because the outside is covered in melted cheese. In actuality, despite how it looks, there isn't that much cheese. In fact the cheese is pretty light tasting as well. The Béchamel sauce is a nice touch to the sandwich though and overall it's a pretty nice snack.

The second photo is a cheese and tomato panini. All the cheese oozed to the bottom. The bottom was good, but when I first started to eat it, I thought they had skimped out on the cheese, but it turned out to be user error.


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