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Night It Up 2015

Posted: 07/26/15

Night It Up 2015

Restaurant: Markham Night_It_Up

Nelson @NightItUp: One of my favourite events of the year is the Night Market called Night It Up. I was privileged to be invited to go on the food bloggers tour and try out a wide variety of foods.

DISCLOSURE: This food was provided free of charge to promote Night It Up, a yearly night market run by volunteers.

Although not the chronologically first stop we made, I liked this photo so I put it first. From Happy Twist, these are the twist taro ($7). It came out piping hot at which point uou get to put on your own seasonings. I tried four myself. I love taro, but I think the normal potato might be the better choice for this. Still it was fun to eat and tasty. Definitely one of the most eye catching foods that people enjoy at the night market.

Our actual first stop was Sweety Bird for the egg waffles. Everyone was trying their ice cream ones, but since this was the first stop I wanted to have something savoury and tried something completely new to me - pork floss and seaweed egg waffles ($5). The pictures show half eaten ones so that I can show of what's inside. it was ok, and the sweet ice cream ones were probably the better choice. I was still happy to try something new though.
Bin Bin Ice Cream Wich sells cookie ice cream sandwiches. They gave us a few samples of their cookies ($2 each cookie). Kitty really liked the seaweed peanut cookie, while I really liked the coffee wafer cookie. The black sesame and almond had a lot of Asian dessert flavour too. I really enjoyed these small teasers of their cookies and wondered what the ice cream sandwich tasted like.
The next stop was Yakikuza for okonomiyaki ($8 for a whole one) with bacon, shrimp, cabbage, bonito fish flakes and green onions. This turned out to be my favourite dish on the whole trip as the okonomiyaki was stuffed full of bacon and shrimp, had a good amount of umami filled bonito flakes and this nice sweet mayo. Delicious!
Kakigori (aka @gustahaus) was serving Match red bean shaved ice ($8 for larger portion than pictured). Look how nice and appetizing it looks! It was a really hot day and I appreciated having this. Because it was so hot, it melted really quickly. Regardless it was bursting with flavour and better than most I've had in the past. Perfect on a hot summer day!
The next stop was Sharetea. Kitty actually bought one from here just before we arrived at this booth as the weather was unbearably hot especially with so many people in close proximity. On the left is the classic milk tea with mix pearls and herb jelly ($5) and on the right is honey with aloe vera with mix pearls ($5). Both were quality drinks, but I liked the classic slightly better. They were great for cooling us down. I really feel that Taiwan knows how to make drinks because of their hot humid environment. They've refined them so that they cool down the customer as well as replenish fluids.
Next are the meNu (@meNuFoodTruck) guys and this year they are back with a food truck AND a booth. This year they were raising money for charity by selling young coconuts ($7). They even had a special tool to open them up called a coco jack. I didn't get to have any, but it's a great idea especially since machetes aren't allowed on the premises.
Their special of the day is Peking duck onion rings ($13 for a larger portion than pictured) which quite the creative dish. I really enjoyed the flavourful duck on top where I also tasted what I thought was hoisin sauce as well. It's a busy dish, but full of different flavours and textures. Worth giving it a try!
They also had a Deep Fried Kimchi special for ($5 for two). It's exactly what it sounds like - Kimchi that is battered and then deep fried. I like this dish, but I found the kimchi was difficult to eat since I had difficultly cutting through the kimchi with my teeth. An interesting idea. I'm glad these guys have branched out form rice balls and are now offering a wide variety of fusion street food.
Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich (@qqfoodjournal x @feedmyphone) serves a matcha ice cream sandwich. The cookie part is thoroughly flavoured with matcha while the ice cream is green tea. These are really well made ans stay together so that eating them isn't a complete mess. Trust me, it's an underrated accomplishment. A really cute touch are the koalas stuck down with chocolate. I thought this was one of the better desserts I tried as well as it having a nice presentation. Yum!
One of the sponsors was appropriately Chatime, which has enthralled Toronto in a craze the last year. Instead of going with the tried and true of roasted milk tea/grass jelly I decided to branch out and try the wintermelon. It tasted heavily of wintermelon which was not surprising, but it worked really well to cool me down. This was much welcome on this hot sunny day. I think I would normally stick with my regular order though.

Another year and more great food and fun times at Night It Up. It continues to be one of my favourite festivals of the year and I hope they keep going forever. The tour this year was a little heavy on desserts, so stay tuned as I came back a few hours later to eat some of my favourites.


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