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Posted: 07/25/15


Restaurant: France Hippopotamus Paris

Nelson: We didn't live in downtown Paris, instead we lived near a modern mall, and malls tend to attract chain restaurants. I was so exhausted after not sleeping on the plane and being jet lagged that I didn't care where I ate so we ended up here. Of course the chain restaurant also had some set menus, and Kitty and I shared this one for 19.9€. But the meal starts with bread for everyone. It looks like sourdough bread, but instead it is an extremely plain type of bread. The chips are a nice touch, but they are quite soggy as if it were fried in cold oil. They were slightly crispy, or may have been at one point, but by the time we ate it, it was wet with oil.
The appetizer was an Oeuf facon mimosa which is just hardboiled eggs with a cream sauce. The cream sauce was extremely heavy and tasted a bit artificial.
For the main we had fillet de cabillaud (cod). It came out as a really thin piece of fish that tasted very fishy. I was ok, but I did like how it was blackened. Not pictured is the bearnaise sauce served on the side that at first I thought was tartar sauce. Nope I'm in France. The veggies were really bitter. Not pictured are the fries which were pretty good and I kept eating them despite being full. This was my legitamately 5th meal of the day after all.
Lastly for dessert we selected the ice cream. This is lime in front which was extremely sour and had a lot of lime skin bits in it. The salted caramel was very sweet.

They specialized in beef, and someone else at our table ordered it and it looked ok. What we had wasn't great, and we didn't order their specialty but I was too tired to care. You can look back at my last four France postings starting with the plane ride and hopefully understand that was over one long day of eating for me. Ooof. Tired.


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