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Chef's Plate: Majoram Marinated Chicken and Free Meal Kit Link!

Posted: 07/30/15

Chef's Plate: Majoram Marinated Chicken and Free Meal Kit Link!

Restaurant: Chefs_Plate

dre @chefsplateca: Chef's Plate is a meal planning and delivery service that will send you ingredients for 2-3 meals per week, depending on what you sign up for. Each week features a different set of recipes and meals. Once you choose which meals you want, they deliver the recipe kit straight to your door in a box that is kept cool by ice packs and insulated packaging.

DISCLAIMER: This meal was provided free by Chef's Plate, however, my opinions and thoughts are my own.

I chose the Majoram marinated chicken with spinach linguine and a lemon rapini cream sauce as one of the meals. It came with the recipe on how to cook the meal.

The ingredients were all packaged separately and labeled. The produce looked very fresh. I didn't include the picture of the chicken thigh, but it was vacuumed sealed and labeled "Locally Sourced".

The meal was pretty easy to make. The most work I did was chopping up the garlic and onion into small pieces. The chicken was marinated with lemon zest, garlic and onion. I don't usually buy rapini, so I was happy to cook and eat it. I think it could have used more cream sauce than what was given, as I found the pasta a little dry.

It was fun to have everything there for me, and also fun to try something new.

If you qualify, here is a link to get 2 free plates for your first order with Chef's Plate! I will post the other meal I had and remind you guys of the link!


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