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Typical French Bistro Cuisine

Posted: 07/23/15

Typical French Bistro Cuisine

Restaurant: Auberge_de_la_Butte France Paris

Nelson @ Butte-aux-Cailles: We ended up passing this restaurant almost everyday, but on our first day here, we went to the place with the most patrons. It's common for restaurants in Paris to have fixed menus, so we did as the locals do and ordered from the fixed menu of the day (20€) . This is the entree (starter) melon au jambon. The melon was super ripe and sweet. The jambon was prosciuto-like and it was too chewy. They poured some sauce on it that made it sweeter.
Salade de thon is tuna salad. This was surprisingly good even though there is nothing unique about and tastes exactly as you would expect. We found this dish went really well with...
...the fresh baguette. The fresh and hearty baguette.
The plats (main) is Bavette poêlée au poivre and it was pretty good. It was rare inside and as the french do, it is served with Béarnaise sauce that was tangy and salty. The potatoes are really plain, but for some reason Kitty liked them. I really enjoyed this dish.
Confit de canard was the other plats we tried a la carte (15€). It was a tad dry, and only some of the skin was crunchy. There was a nice sweet onion sauce on the side. The beans were a tad overcooked and boring.
Dessert is Fraise au sucre and like the melon they were really ripe.
The last dessert we tried is tarte aux poires et chocolat. The pear is not sweet at all. There is some stuff directly under the pear that tasted nutty and meaty. I have no idea what it is (maybe some chocolate as described on the menu?), but it threw off the dessert for me. Mary liked it though so I guess it can work. The caramel was deep and burnt.

To me this is typical French bistro food and it seems to be good enough for the French locals. A good start to eating French cuisine in Paris.


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