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Posted: 07/21/15


Restaurant: McRamyun Toronto

Nelson: The colours of the sign make you think of McDonald's, but instead of fast food they serve food that is fast - instant noodle. Normally the domain of cheap college students, they've done some creative things with it. Read on to find out!

FULL DISCLOSURE: This meal was provided free to promote this newly opened restaurant

We start with something very simple, the Dduk, which are fried sliced rice cakes with sauce ($2.95). They are nicely fried and the sauce is sweet chili. A good start.

Some friends ordered the kimchi ramyun poutine ($10.95) with fries, kimchi, ramyun with their delicious gravy and shredded cheese. Definitely an interesting combination foods here, and they aren't joking when they say there is instant noodle (cooked and uncooked) in this dish. Not sure if they go together that well, but this is definitely filling and will definitely soak up alcohol like no other dish.
Another friend ordered the Ramyun Jeun which is a Korean pancake with Ramyun noodles, canned corn, bacon and other assorted vegetables ($8.95). I don't remember the noodles in this dish, and there wasn't much filling inside, but at the same time it wasn't doughy either.
These are the McChicken wings described as mild fried chicken wings coated crisy noodles ($11.45). The chicken wings look deformed and that's because there is so much noodle stuck onto them! They definitely give the chicken wings a crisp bite to them, crunchier than any wing I've ever had. These are well fried wings and I feel like they would be the perfect complement with some beer. This was my favourite dish of the night.
Kitty had the Bulgogi Ramyun ($12.95) with two added mandu ($0.89). Look at the insane amount of bulgogi on top! The meat tasted great with a lot of that bulgogi sauce flavour coming through despite it being (partially) in a soup. The mandu had a soft filling inside and probably excessive as the portions are very large here.
Lastly I had the namesake dish called McRamyun with 1.5 Ramyun with pork belly, egg and assorted vegetables ($13.95). I had a two spiciness rating, which meant I thought it quite nicely spiced which I could taste. Koreans don't fool around with spice. Turns out even has chicken in it although hard to see in the picture. The pork belly was surprisingly cooked well done. There was a lot of variety in the vegetables and overall I liked the toppings. It may be hard to tell from the picture, but this is also a gigantic portion.

Now I have to mention the noodles, after all that's the main thing here. I'm not a big fan of instant noodle personally, so having the instant noodle didn't excite me as it may some other people. It's good for instant noodle, but a the end of the day it is still soft instant noodle. A really nice touch is how each dish came with some hard instant noodle.

Overall, they are doing some creative things with instant noodle, but how much you'll like the main soup noodle dishes will likely depend on how much you like instant noodle to begin with. As my fellow diner Adrienne said, this place would be a great place to start a night of heavy drinking, or a place to go to after a night of heavy drinking. The food here will soak up all the that alcohol perfectly. I think their most unique dish are the chicken wings, so make sure you try some when you visit, but remember how big the portions are here!

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  • I wished there were places like this when I was in school and living downtown... But then I lived like a poor student, so anything over $10 would have been too pricey haha
    dre @ 2015-07-24
  • Considering inflation, back then every dish would probably have been under $10
    Nelson @ 2015-07-25

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