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Duke Dragon

Posted: 07/11/15

Duke Dragon

Restaurant: Duke_Dragon Mississauga

Nelson: I don't frequent Hakka restaurants, but maybe I should. Here for lunch, I had the special for 1 person ($8.99) which includes a soup, chicken wings (or vegetable rolls) and a main dish with rice. I picked the chicken sweet corn soup (instead of the chicken hot & sour soup). The soup was extremely thick.
I picked the classic Hakka dish of chili chicken along with 2 chicken wings. The wings were deeply deep fried (can I say that?). The chili chicken was quite spicy and I felt like I needed more rice. The chicken was a bit skimpy too, but maybe because the lunch special is a pretty good deal.
Kitty had the green curry and maybe because I was expecting a thai style green curry, I was disappointed when this was not the case. There was a tiny bit of coconut milk and not much flavour in the sauce. It was goopy and sticky. It was kinda gross. We should have stuck with the Hakka dishes.

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