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Pho To

Posted: 07/09/15

Pho To

Restaurant: Mississauga Pho_To

Nelson: I come here because it's near a local supermarket. That plus the food is decent.

Instead of just getting pho, sometimes it's nice to get some appetizers too. These are the viet style spring roll (Cha Gio Tom ($6). They are deliciosly deep fried and stuffed with meaty filling.

Here's my order of the pho with rare beef, beef balls and brisket (Pho Tai, Nam, Bo Vien $6.5). Those are my favourite meats in pho and sometimes it's hard to find them all
These are the extra toppings. The darker onion-like ingredient is different from most...what is it???
This is the Goi Cuon ($4.5) with shrimp and pork salad roll. This was for the baby that was present at the table. Guess it's good because it's not deep fried.

Hard to be a bad pho place, but at least this place is pretty good.

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