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Bison Beef Dip @ Moxie's

Posted: 03/24/07

Bison Beef Dip @ Moxie's

Restaurant: Moxies Toronto

dre: I got sold on the "Bison Beef Dip". It turned out to be $3 more than the regular beef dip. The bison was more "beefy" tasting, but the gravy was kind of salty. But most importantly, check out my photography skills lol. I am so proud.

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  • I like the lighting in this photo. How'd you do it? Is there a lamp hanging down from above the food in the restaurant
    Nelson @ 2007-03-26
  • there was a lamp hanging right above and i used no flash and kept my hands super steady. prolly my best pic taken ever hahah
    dre @ 2007-03-26

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