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Nando's Chicken

Posted: 07/03/15

Nando's Chicken

Restaurant: Nando_Chicken Toronto

Nelson @NandosPeriPeri: After coming back from Portugal, I wanted to try what this North American chain has to offer. The meal starts with Portuguese buns, which turned out to be sourdough bread. It was warm and delicious.
We also tried some garlic bread where the bread soaks up a lot of butter making this delicious.
The star attraction is the Classic peri peri chicken ($26.99 for whole chicken + side + bread). The peri peri fries look spicy, but they are not, but the sprinkle gives the fries some extra salty flavour.

The white meat was a tad dry, but it was still good. The dark meat was perfectly moist. As you can tell, the chicken was drenched in sauce, which is very different from the version of Peri Peri Chicken we had in Portugal. Not that I'm complaining, just pointing out the difference. Another difference is that there is less of the charcoal smokey flavour. Instead, you can actually add more of the sauce if you want as they serve the sauce up in bottles. The hot sauce was lemony and not that spicy, while the more spicy one has more pepper, but not to the point of burning. Both give a hint of heat that is a bit sour. I think it's great. Although not necessarily authentic, this meal was still delicious and I would definitely come back again.

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