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Cafe Boulud

Posted: 07/01/15

Cafe Boulud

Restaurant: Cafe_Boulud Toronto

Nelson @CafeBouludTO: Located at the swanky Four Seasons Hotel, Chef Daniel Boulud brings modern cuisine with French roots. Let's start with the amazing bread service. Lots of variety here, but the best was the brioche (far right) which had a bit of salt on top to complement the rich slightly sweet soft bread. They were all very fresh. An excellent start.
Kitty had a berry mojito ($18).
These are the Digby Scallops with hazelnut crust, celeriac gremolata and brown butter ($22). These scallop were cooked perfectly, not tough or chewy at all while not being undercooked either. I really liked the crust as it lent so much nutty and salty flavour that went so well with the natural scallop taste.
I had the St. Canut Suckling Pig with Boudin Blanc & Noir, Choux Farcie, sauerkraut, violet mustard, roast pear and natrual js ($40). Lots of different tastes all arranged artistically.

Let's start in the back right with the spoon of dark stuff. It was crumbly tasting strongly of horseradish and very salty and flavourful. I think this is supposed to be a sauce for something else, but which one exactly I wasn't sure.

The slices of pork (lower right) tasted great, especially the skin on top. The block of pork liver (top left) was one that I didn't like very much. The strip of pork belly is nicely seasoned with a good amount of meat instead of just fat. The pear on the lower left complemented everything else nicely. I'll get to the cabbage in the middle later.

I had a side of mashed potatoes and they were the richest I have ever had in my life. It was great. I wonder what they put in here?!?!?
Kitty had the Grassfed Wagyu Beef Duo ($36) with black garlic, sweet potato dauphine, romanesco, bone marrow, sauce Bordelaise. This had more tendon that I expected for wagyu. The middle is the rib which I found excessively stringy and therefore not to my liking. I do like how there was so much bone marrow, you can see it bubbling up on the right. Wow!

The potato on the left is good with the mushroom adding so much by being smokey. I don't know how this was cooked, but I want to learn to make it at home! Yum!

Back to my dish, the cabbage insides had what tasted like organ meat. It looks interesting, but in the end was only ok.
I didn't order this, but this Grapefruit Givre ($12) looks so interesting. Has dragon beard on top while the tastes are sour and creamy and the texture goes from soft to crunchy as the insides are filled with cookie crumble. What an inventive dish!
The meal came with some free madeline's, but I was mostly stuffed by this point. They were delicious though!

Overall a good meal with some creativity. I don't think they are aiming for the normal consumers with their prices, but it's the Four Seasons after all and they need to have a really high end quality restaurant which they've achieved.

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