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Tako Lunch Teppanyaki

Posted: 06/23/15

Tako Lunch Teppanyaki

Restaurant: Mississauga Tako_Sushi

Nelson: Lunch Teppanyaki at Tako Sushi is a great deal. I had the Teppan Eglinton for $10.50 and it included soup, 3 California rolls, 3 cucumber rolls, shrimp appetizer, strip loin steak, green salad, teppanyaki mixed vegetables, steamed rice and ice cream. Pretty good deal, right?

The apps here are ok, nothing special, but get the job done. The steak is actually better than I would expect for a lunch meal and quite tasty with the butter and garlic. Having two shrimp is a nice bonus too! The black cod here is from another meal that I was trying.

The mixed vegetables round out the meal and the green tea ice cream finishes the meal nicely.

Pretty cheap for Teppanyaki, I would consider this great value for what you get. The best deal is only available for lunch as the dinner is more in line with typical teppanyaki prices.

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