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Amsterdam Brewhouse for Oktoberfest

Posted: 06/13/15

Amsterdam Brewhouse for Oktoberfest

Restaurant: Amsterdam_BrewHouse Toronto

Nelson @AmsterdamBH: Not sure how or why I ended up back here again so soon, but I went before I went to Ireland/Portugal and then I came back afterward. This time it was near oktoberfest and they had this promotion where you can keep the stein. Kitty thought it was stupid to bring this home as it is completely impractical, and it turns out she is right. The only thing we use it for is as a vase for flowers.
Unfortunately my camera battery and my phone battery were running out, so I don't have a picture of the menu or a description. We ordered off the special Oktoberfest menu, but I'm not sure exactly what these were. I think this was a pork knuckle. My spare notes were that it had a lot of bone and therefore very little meat and it was pricey. Not worth the high price.
I think this was a schnitzel dish, but I'm not sure. I don't even remember tasting it as it may have been someone else's dish.

I appreciated that they put on some special events for Oktoberfest. Nothing like Kitchener, but the effort is appreciated. And now I have two large steins....er flower vases.

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  • Always listen to the boss and don't bring home junk! On that note... I will bring some flowers to fill your vases the next time we come over ;)
    dre @ 2015-06-13

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