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Posted: 06/09/15


Restaurant: Emerald Toronto

Nelson: After visiting our new home we visited one of the closer Chinese restaurants with both sets of parents. This means Emerald in Mississauga. We start with the included soup served in a nice tall serving bowl.
The chicken had bad non-meaty pieces. I notice that the green onion/ginger sauce is different from the way we make it at home because they use the specific chicken salt that gives it a bit more flavour. I wonder what that is called and whether I should buy some.
My mom likes to order stewed pots from this restaurant. This one is beef tendon with vegetables.
These are pork cheek with green onion shoots.
These are fish slices and Chinese broccoli. I thought the vegetables were absolutely delicious in this dish. Is it the oil that makes it so good?
This pot had oyster, pork and mushroom. Surprisingly this had the best flavours and even though it doesn't sound good, this was my favourite dish. Strange to discover new delicious Chinese dishes after having so many!
The steamed fish, which was delicious. My dad eats more seafood than other meats, so that's why you see these types of dishes. Also note that I've started using my new camera, a Sony RX100. Let me know what you think! Overall, Emerald with the red sign is a solid Chinese restaurant in Mississauga and you can't really go wrong with going here. Nothing out of the ordinary, but fairly consistent food quality and that's more than many you can ask from many other Chinese restaurants.

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