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My Turn at Scaddabush

Posted: 06/28/15

My Turn at Scaddabush

Restaurant: Mississauga Scaddabush

dre @scaddabush: This was our first date night in over a year! We decided to come here without the kids to celebrate our 7th anniversary. That also meant putting the kids to bed first before heading out or else they might go crazy. Unfortunately, they were not particularly cooperative that night, so we didn't leave the house until 8:40. Arriving at 8:55, we were told that it would be an hour wait. We were already here and was in no rush, so we decided to wait. They had a cool system where they took my cell phone number and texted it when a table was ready. I think we were able to get a seat by 10pm.

First thing I needed - beer! During our hour long wait, we already decided what to order so right when I sat down, I told the server I wanted a pint of Shock Top. Mike decided while we were waiting he wanted a mojito, but then changed his mind... and then changed it back to a mojito. haha

I looked at Nelson's pictures and he raved about the Osso Bucco Bites (now $11.18), so we ordered that! I loved the flavour of the rub and thought it was really delicious. The meat itself reminded me of Applebees' riblets. I thought it was rather small though and wished there were more than 4 pieces.
We got the Pesto Pollo (large - $18.57). The fettuccine was fresh, and we really enjoyed the texture of the noodles. The sauce was really tasty too. Mike really enjoyed the dish.
The pizza we chose was The Butcher ($16.86). It had lots of meat! They must have ran out of pizza scissors as the pizza came pre-cut for us. While I liked the pizza, I didn't think it was anything special.
We got 2 desserts because we're pigs... I chose the Cheesecake ($9.93), which was really tasty and not too heavy. The crust was really yummy. I thought the price was expensive for a dessert, but it was came out really huge! They should mention on the menu that it's big enough to share.
Mike chose the Zeppoles ($5.47) which are doughnuts dusted with citrus sugar and came with chocolate hazelnut sauce for dipping. These were our favourites and we gobbled these down without feeling guilty.

We had a great time here and vowed to come back again soon! Plus, our server gave us a $25 coupon ;)

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