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The Kids' Meal and Dessert at Mini and Eric's Wedding

Posted: 06/24/15

The Kids' Meal and Dessert at Mini and Eric's Wedding

Restaurant: Markham Markham_Event_Centre

dre @ Markham Event Centre: I've never cared too much about the kids' options at weddings, but now that Kristen is starting to eat more, I'm starting to take notice. She's still at an age where she can't finish an entire kid's meal yet, but if she likes something, she'll eat enough that I won't feel full after sharing my food.
Anyway, at this wedding, the kids meal started off with fruit. I thought that was a little strange, but maybe it's the kid's version of an Amuse-bouche. It was a large fruit cup, filled with strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew.
The kids then got some spring rolls with plum sauce for dipping.
The next dish was a tomato sauce pasta. It was very very large.
When I thought that was it, out came a plate of chicken fingers and fries! Clearly the person planning this menu doesn't have kids or a parent of extremely hungry teenage boys.
Because the main dishes took so long to come out, I hovered the dessert table like a hawk. As soon as they opened, I went in to get my food before the line formed. While I waited, I took pictures of whatever was out. Cakes, mango pudding, cream brûlée. There was some fruit as well that I didn't get a picture of.
It was a very fun wedding and as always, I ate too much!


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