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Mini and Eric's Wedding

Posted: 06/22/15

Mini and Eric's Wedding

Restaurant: Markham Markham_Event_Centre

dre: This was our first wedding of the year and it was quite a feast! I've never been to a wedding with so many kids before, or maybe I've just never noticed. Or perhaps we are at that stage where most of our peers have little kids.

Dinner was a typical Chinese 10 course meal with some variation. The crab claw came with a veggie roll wrapped in bean curd skin. The shark fin soup had a large piece of shark fin intact. I shamefully ate it happily. It was delicious. The other thing that was different was the lobster. So many lobsters were killed for this dinner because everyone got half a lobster! And yes, there was cheese on it. I prefer the Chinese garlic sauce much better. This was just a little weird.

We were teased at the speed of how fast the first 4 dishes came. Then nothing came out for an hour. It's not like they stopped the food for games or speeches, but then the other dishes came out soon slowly. That is the problem with too many dishes.... It took way too long.


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