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Panago Pizza

Posted: 06/16/15

Panago Pizza

Restaurant: Panago_Pizza Toronto

dre @ Liberty Village: An ex-coworker Megan quit my company and decided to run her own business... a Panago Pizza! Her location was located in Liberty Village, so one rare day I passed by the area (driving) and stopped by to say hi and order a pizza. I've never had Panago before even though there is one by my office. Liberty Village is notorious for not having free parking, but I was delightfully surprised to see a 30-min free parking sign right outside the pizza shop.

I ordered the Chipotle Chicken pizza and it was ooey-gooey delicious! I snuck in a slice while it was fresh. The favours were really tasty and it was slightly spicy, spicy enough to know that Kristen wasn't going to like it. (She doesn't eat pepperoni, "I don't like pepperoni. It's spicy, Mommy!") Megan was kind enough to make me a personal cheese pizza. When we had it for dinner, Kristen ate half of the pizza, and I got to eat the other half for lunch the next day. I really like the crust!

Panago has some interesting combinations that all sound really delicious and it is priced competitively. I would definitely come back again if I was ever in the area!

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