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Amsterdam BrewHouse Beer Flights

Posted: 06/05/15

Amsterdam BrewHouse Beer Flights

Restaurant: Amsterdam_BrewHouse Toronto

Nelson @AmsterdamBH: Great location for a #patio, it's a perfect place to enjoy some beers. Why not a flight of beers? From top left going clockwise.

416 Local Lager: Filtered lager brewed with toasted wheat and 2 row malts with cascade and sorachi hops. Citrus aromas with a light body and full finish. 4.2% AVB 20 IBUS. Unbelievably I thought it was almost too much citrus, which usually I like.

All Natural Blonde: Canadian lager brewed with 2 row malts and Hallertau hops. Clean malt flavours with a crisp lager finish. 5% ABV 15 IBUS. I would describe this one as skunky. It's one of Kitty's favourite descriptions and it is accurate in this case.

Raspberry Wheat: Wheat beer brewed with toasted wheat malts and nugget hops and finished with raspberry flavour. Crisp with a unique raspberry aroma and a satisfying wheat finish. 4.5% ABV, 14 IBUS. This had a great flavour with the raspberry really coming through nicely.

Sweetwater Squeeze Radler: a blend of their house soda with blood oranges and an unique beer base. 3.8% ABV. This one totally tasted like juice and I wouldn't even remotely consider it a beer.

Big Wheel: Amber ale brewed with UK malts and chinook and styrian goldings hops. A balanced ale with a sweet maltiness and a distinctive round hop finish. 5% ABV 23 IBUS. The description makes it sound really hoppy (bitter), but I thought it was really smooth and not that bitter. It was good.

Downtown Brown: An English brown ale brewed with UK malts and hops. Chestnut coloured with a slight nuttiness and full malt flavour. I really liked this one too, as the nuttiness comes through strongly.

Boneshark: An unfiltered North American IPA. Continuously hopped with Centennial Summit and Amarillo hops for 90 minutes. Citrus and pine flavours upfront and a biscuit malt body that provides balance. 7.2% ABV, 85 IBUS. I'm not usually a big fan of IPAs, and this one was strong. The three words I would use to describe this is citrusy, hoppy and skunky. I didn't like it.

To go with our beer, we ordered a small snack of hand-cut poutine with Thornloe Ontario cheese curds and traditional beef gravy ($8). Poutine had melted curds and gravy was good, but fries were too plain and dry. Overall still decent though. Maybe it's the beer talking.

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