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Koo Koo Chicken Bites

Posted: 05/28/15

Koo Koo Chicken Bites

Restaurant: Koo_Koo_Chicken Mississauga

Nelson: One of the most unique restaurants in #Mississauga is this #Taiwanese place specializing in fried chicken. Every once in a while I get a craving for this fried chicken that brings me back to Taiwan. This time out I tried the mini Koo Koo bites ($7.95) which comes with sides. My favourite side was the pickled cabbage and garlic. The garlic itself was incredible as it looked like it was just raw garlice, but since it was pickled it wasn't as harsh as raw garlic, but still tasted great. Who knew that pickled garlic could be so good????

Let's talk about the chicken. In some ways, eating these bites is more satisfying than eating the large chunks because the increase in batter to meat ratio. Still absolutely delicious, this is the reason to come here. Again and Again. I personally didn't like the mayo that much, preferring the shaker salts. On the side is also some rice topped with pork fat/belly. I would have preferred just ground pork personally, but I can see the appeal of the pork fat. Having an orange to finish the meal is a nice touch.

Kitty had the soy-stewed pork on rice dish ($6.50) and unexpectedly it turned out to be pork belly! Usually a a good thing, but this piece had a tad too much fat. Otherwise, the pickled vegetables in the rice were great and the egg, tofu, pork floss and other ingredients go well together in this dish. Yum!

Incredibly this meal only cost $16, and it was fast, good and filling. It's rare to for a restaurant to satisfy all four criteria!

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