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Man Doo Hyang

Posted: 05/24/15

Man Doo Hyang

Restaurant: Man_Doo_Hyang Mississauga

Nelson: One of the top rated #Korean restaurants in #Mississauga is called Man Doo Hyang. As always with Korean restaurants let's start with the ban chan. Not too many here, the standard kimchi which was a bit sweet, the kimchi radish which was very sour and the sliced radish radish, the least strong, but also my favourite.
Standard Korean food includes pork bone soup ($8.99). As always this dish is very difficult to share and in this case I didn't even get a chance to try it. It looks pretty good don't it?
Korean style handmade noodles with black bean sauce ($7.99) is one of Kitty's favourite dishes. Usually this one has the strongest, heaviest flavours, but surprisingly their version was a bit bland. Weird.
This is the roasted mackerel ($4.50) which both looked and tasted great. A bit smokey, a bit fishy and bit fatty, overall a great combination of flavours.
These are Handmade Noodles in Beef Broth ($7.99) which sounds boring and simple on the menu but turned out to be the best tasting dish of the night. The noodles had perfect texture to them, but the highlight was the broth. The broth had a lot of seaweed flavour to it which probably means it was full of umami flavour. It was stronger than the beef flavour, but it tasted really amazing. Yum!
Korean pancake with seafood and green onion ($15.99). We ordered two and they were surprisingly quite different. One of them was cooked longer and therefore crispier and less doughy which made it taste way better. Interesting that there is so much variability in this fairly simple dish.
Deep fried pork cutlet ($10.99) was good because of the crunchy, plentiful and tasty breading. One of my personal favourite dishes.
To fill us up is the dolsot bibimbap. Always a crowd-pleaser this one was excellent.

Overall I liked almost all their dishes, so I can see why this restaurant is well liked. I would definitely go if I'm in the area and wanting Korean food.

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