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The Westin Prince Hotel Wedding Part 2

Posted: 05/22/15

The Westin Prince Hotel Wedding Part 2

Restaurant: The_Westin_Prince Toronto

Nelson @TheWestinPrince: Part 2 of T & D's wedding, these are the mains, dessert and late night food. This is the seared BC cod with white truffle oil infused mashed potatoes, roasted baby vegetables, ginger infused tequila lime sauce. The fish wasn't as fatty as I was expecting, but it had a nicely salted skin. The potatoes were exceptional with a lot of flavour that I thought was garlic, which may have been true, but it also had the white truffle oil.
I had the whiskey rubbed beef tenderloin, caramelized onions & potato gratin, roasted baby vegetables and Harissa scented au jus. Surprisingly my beef was served just under medium rare and it was delicious. Other people's beef was not as rare as mine and probably not as good. Once again the potato was excellent.
This is a chocolate sea salt tart with fruit garnish. This dessert was really really good as it was so chocolaty. Wait till you see what's inside...
...more chocolate! Chocolate fudge and caramel fill the insides of the chocolate top and chocolate base. One of the best Western style desserts I've had!
The late night night snack was a poutine bar! Awesome! They even had sweet potato fries!
You can garnish your poutine with what seems like the most popular poutine topping ingredient - pulled pork. What a nice touch!
Then there are even more toppings beside the cheese curds, including tomato, green onion, sour cream and jalapenos. Almost Mexican with these toppings.
These are some carrot cake cupcakes whihc were soso.
Fruit platters which I always enjoy.
Even though I was stuffed, this is my plate of late night poutine. Yum!

Some inconsistencies, but pretty good food here overall. We were thinking about going the fusion route ourselves and it was nice to see someone else pick this option and have it be successful.


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