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The Westin Prince Hotel Fusion Wedding Part 1

Posted: 05/20/15

The Westin Prince Hotel Fusion Wedding Part 1

Restaurant: The_Westin_Prince Toronto

Nelson @TheWestinPrince: Here for T & D's #wedding, this #hotel has a nice indoor and outdoor area. But this is a blog about food, so let's get to the eating.

We start with the numerous hors d'oeuvres including these Vietnamese cold rolls with sweet chili dipping sauce. Lots of veggies in these, the sauce is what makes them tasty.

Deep fried scallop.
Buffalo mozzarella with tomato basil on olive bruschetta and smoked salmon pinwheel on right. Both of these were pretty good, but my favourite was the next one.
Usually I don't like savoury pies/tarts that much, but this wild mushroom tourtiere with gorgonzola was so good. I had two!
Now we are getting into the sit down portion of the meal. They decided to do a fusion meal, so we start with some Asian appetizers including this roasted suckling pig with jelly fish and seaweed.
This crab claw was delicious especially because it was covered in almonds.
Now onto the Western portion of the meal, which of course includes bread service. A good selection available here.
Lastly is wild mushroom bisque with basil creme dollop. It was a tad salty overall, but still quite good.

Stay tuned next post for the mains, desserts and late night food. Yes, another wedding with an overflowing amount of food!


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  • This combo is very interesting!
    dre @ 2015-05-20

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