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The Grille

Posted: 05/14/15

The Grille

Restaurant: The_Grille Toronto

Nelson: Open late, this is a casual restaurant that serves all day breakfast and used to be 24/7. Anyway, we were here before catching a movie for dinner, so decided to try their large pork souvlaki dinner ($20.99) since the menu dares you to finish it. Well I only ordered it because I shared it with Kitty.

This plate of food is gigantic. It might be hard to get the proper scale in the photo, but trust me it was big. The pork was a bit dry though and didn't have a good grill flavour. I really liked the potatoes as they were salty and grilled. The rice was pretty buttery and salad was good. The tzatziki sauce had a bit too much dill for my liking. The meal also came with some garlic bread. Overall pretty mediocre, but I suppose the attraction is comfort food at all hours. For Etobicoke, I prefer Zet's for a similar menu and better hours.

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