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Fusion Chinese Means Mustard

Posted: 05/10/15

Fusion Chinese Means Mustard "Steak"

Restaurant: Dragon_Boat_Fusion_Cuisine Richmond_Hill

Nelson: My mom likes bringing guests to Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine. I like going there to since their food is good and also presented nicely. We had the peking duck again here, but I will spare you the graphic picture of a stick up the duck's butt.

Instead let's start with some nice Chinese vegetables with mushrooms. Since a Chinese meal doesn't feel complete with at least some vegetables, might as well get the most expensive one that you would rarely buy from the store. Plus they always cook it just right so that it is so tender.

This is a new truly "fusion" dish of beef "steaks" with a mustard sauce. I like mustard, but the amount that was on these was way too much and made these not that enjoyable. The meat was tender in the sense that it tasted like tenderizer was used. Nice try I suppose, but not successful in this case.
Some shrimp and scallop with vegetables. I have trouble cooking shrimp and scallop to the correct doneness at home, so it's nice to have this at a restaurant.
These are battered and deep fried oysters with a hoisin sauce. A bit salty, but definitely has strong flavours.
Lastly is a fish dish with more vegetables. My dad tries to eat more healthy now, so that's why there is so many vegetables and seafood.

Another good Chinese meal here at one of my favourite Chinese restaurants.

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