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Ouzeri in Greektown

Posted: 05/08/15

Ouzeri in Greektown

Restaurant: Ouzeri Toronto

Nelson @ouzeri_danforth: We were attracted to the patio at this Greek restaurant in Greektown after a day at the Scarborough bluffs. We started with meze, a mix of humus (chickpea dip), taramosalata (fish roe dip), melitzanosalata (Greek eggplant dip) served with grilled pita (part of $25 set meal). This is a generous portion and I'm glad we shared it. The pink one is the the fish roe dip which is usually salted and cured from cod or carp, although I don't know what this specific one was from. If you like the salty fishy taste, you'll love this, but for me I only thought it was ok.

The humus in the back was chunky and really good. But the best one was by far the eggplant one in front which had so much garlic it was almost burning a bit. I loved it. So delicious and probably bad for you because of the oil, but it was so enjoyable eating it.

As the second main, I picked a pork souvlaki ($16.95). The meat was not the most tender I've had or the fattiest, but it was still pretty good. The tzatziki sauce was a bit sour which I hadn't encountered before and perhaps it came from the garlic or onion. The lemon roasted potatoes were really salty and tasty. I really enjoyed the rice pilaf because it had some coconut flavour. I have no idea if that is in traditional Greek cuisine, but I loved it.
This Greek salad came with the souvlaki. I liked the meaty tomatoes and of course the feta.
As part of the set meal we tried the kalamari that was spiced and lightly floured and fried to a golden brown. They were really generous in the calamari portion size! Look at all that! The batter tasted light yet flavourful and it was fried well so this was absolutely delicious. Yum!
For dessert we had yiaourti which is pressed Greek yogurt topped with nuts and honey poached figs. The yogurt was incredibly thick. The honey was dark and flavourful while the figs were nicely sweet. So delicious yet so simple!

Although I haven't been to too many along this Greektown strip, I would recommend ouzeri for the calamari alone!

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