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Moxie's Sweet Potato Fries and Cannelloni

Posted: 12/14/07

Moxie's Sweet Potato Fries and Cannelloni

Restaurant: Moxies Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Moxie's: I like sweet potato fries a lot. So I decided to try the ones at Moxie's since they were on special. They weren't so good. The fries were soggy and it seemed like they were left out for a while. The dips were really good though. One was ranchy and the other was a really good curry flavoured dip. Kitty got the Cannelloni (again)...I'm not a big fan of this dish, but I guess some people like it.

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  • I've tried their sweet potato fries before and I liked them! Maybe you had a bad batch.
    dre @ 2007-12-14

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