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Morning Routine

Posted: 05/19/15

Morning Routine

Restaurant: none

dre: At our house, I've delegated Mike to get our breakfast ready in the mornings. He has the simple, yet complicated job of pouring cereal for everyone. However, each person has a different cereal. Mike his own brand, which is usually Mini Wheats, or in this picture, Oatmeal Crisp. Kristen and I get the same, in this picture is Honey Bunches of Oats. Lauren has her baby cereal and it usually looks powdery and smells funny to me, but she seems to really like it!

I have to give him an 18 hour notice if I decide to have a bagel for breakfast haha.


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  • 18 hours? Why? I would think 8 (night before) would be enough, no?
    Nelson @ 2015-05-19
  • Because he said that 8 hours was not enough for him... haha
    dre @ 2015-05-19

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