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Spring Rolls Main Dishes

Posted: 05/11/15

Spring Rolls Main Dishes

Restaurant: Brampton Spring_Rolls

dre @ Bramalea City Centre: These are the main course dishes from Spring Rolls. The first is the Kalbi Kimchi Baguette. Mike ate this and he wasn't impressed. "Too much bun," he complained.
However, the sizzling Kalbi served on a hot plate was REALLY good. I wished we ordered more. The meat was tender and well cooked. The flavours were so yummy.
These are Pork Wings - pork shanks baked and topped with BBQ sauce. I think we were quite full from the rest of the food when these came out. There was a lot of meat, but I didn't find it particularly flavourful. Perhaps the BBQ sauce was too tangy for me and threw the whole dish off.
Grilled AAA New York Sirloin Steak. This was completely flavourless. I enjoyed the broccoli more.
Grilled Rack of Lamb. My parents ate this one as I was getting really full.
This was a grilled basa fillet. Quite delicious. Kristen ate a lot of this.
The carbs - the top was Malaysian Spicy friend rice. Not that spicy. The left bottom is Pad Thai. Not recommended, it wasn't very good. The best dish was regular fried rice with beef.
We also got green curry which was really good and really spicy. The dish on the left was stir fried beef with veggies. That was okay.

We didn't order any sushi rolls even though there were a lot of choices. For the main dishes, there were some hit and misses. I would say more hits, but definitely avoid the misses!

Dessert coming up!!!

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