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Spring Rolls More Appetizers

Posted: 05/09/15

Spring Rolls More Appetizers

Restaurant: Brampton Spring_Rolls

Dre @ Bramalea City Centre: So of course, at a restaurant called "Spring Rolls", you have to get the spring rolls! These weren't bad and they came out piping hot.
Coconut Shrimp. I don't think this appetizer is very Asian at all, but it was good. The batter was a little too over-fried for me, and I've had better versions.
We got some chicken satay skewers. These were a little dry, but the peanut sauce helped rectify that a little bit.
Sweet potato with kimchi. I didn't try any as I don't really like kimchi, but instead...
... ate the sweet potato fries. Decent.
Hargow and siu mai. I ordered them knowing that they wouldn't be very good.... and I was right. They weren't TERRIBLE, but it's no dim sum restaurant!
Salt and Pepper Fried Calamari. These were delicious!
Grilled vegetables. Nothing I couldn't do at home. In fact, I think mine taste better ;)
Bruschetta. I didn't have any. Look at the amount of cheese. This was ordered for Kristen, who, like her mommy, doesn't really like cheese either.
Last off the appetizer menu were chicken wings. Normally, I would probably order another plate of them, but these didn't deserve a second chance. Not that great, but at least they were big.

Main dishes coming in the next couple days!

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