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Trevor Kitchen

Posted: 05/06/15

Trevor Kitchen

Restaurant: Toronto Trevor_Kitchen

Nelson @trevorkitchen: Hard to see from the street, (it's downstairs) but worth looking for. Read on to see!

Let's start with the brisket and smoked cheddar poutine ($12). Wow look at those huge slices of brisket! There's almost more brisket than fries! The fries themselves are good too, but it could have used a little more cheese. Otherwise a good start.

These are the spicy bacon and cheddar croquettes ($8), but I didn't get a chance to try any.
The bread service was great with really fresh bread.
I had the pork rib chop with jalapeno & cheddar polenta, bacon, pickled peppers and honey mushrooms ($27). The pork piece was nicely fatty, cooked well and skillfully flavoured. I liked the fattiness of the pork itself since it's rare to find nicely fatty pork nowadays. I'm not a big fan of polenta, but this version was ok. I really liked the variety of mushrooms and vegetables with this dish.
Kitty had the pan seared whitefish with fennel & kohirabi salad, citrus dressing, smoked onion soubise & rapini ($24). I only tasted a bit of the fish and to me it was more similar to a river trout than a white fish. I liked the nice char on the skin and I think this is the biggest difference with cooking fish at home versus a restaurant. I don't know how to create this nice crisp char to the fish skin and skilled chefs know.

Overall, everything was consistently good so I would recommend Trevor Kitchen.

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