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Bloom'n Onion and Crabby's BBQ Shack

Posted: 05/04/15

Bloom'n Onion and Crabby's BBQ Shack

Restaurant: Crabbys_BBQ_Shack Mississauga

Nelson @ribfesttweets @crabbysbbq: This @citymississauga mid July event from last year is held at Celebration Square. I used to live there so it was simple to just walk down and attend. This year we were tempted by the Bloomin' Onion and succumbed. This always tastes so so so good the first few bites, but then it doesn't. This one had a ranch dressing to go with the oily onion and it goes together well. So oily.
This year we went with Crabby's BBQ Shack and ordered a mix of ribs and pulled pork. The pulled pork was mildly sweet and exceedingly tender. We should have ordered more ribs as four wasn't really enough. They weren't as "fall off the bone" as I like them to be, at least the two ribs I had. The BBQ sauce well balanced which I liked. The beans were really good and it was because of the large black cracked pepperpercorns. Who knew that such a simple addition could make such a large positive differnce! The coleslaw was a bit plain, neither creamy or sour.

Overall the rib could have been more tender, but everything else was pretty good.


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