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Smash Chicken & Waffles

Posted: 05/02/15

Smash Chicken & Waffles

Restaurant: Markham Smash_Kitchen_and_Bar

Nelson @SmashKitchen: How do you screw up chicken and waffles? Not have fried chicken. This version ($17) instead used chicken breast filets which were really lightly battered. Very disappointing. They do attempt to do something with unique with this dish adding a citrus maple syrup dressing. I found it overpowering and dominated the flavour too much, but at least it was unique.
This is the eggs florentine ($13) with 2 poached eggs, smoked salmon, sauteed spinach, hollandaise, capers, english muffins and sm'hash browns. The portion of salmon was tiny, with one piece split to the two halves of english muffin. It definitely needed more salmon. The hollaindaise sauce as at least good.

Overall, despite a nice interior the food is a little underwhelming considering the price.

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