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Tim Hortons Nutella Goodies

Posted: 05/03/15

Tim Hortons Nutella Goodies

Restaurant: Tim_Hortons

dre @TimHortons: What was in this timbit box? Timbits? No!

I won a doughnut from Roll Up the Rim to Win. With a "Win a Donut" tab, you can choose a doughnut, a cookie, or a muffin. Normally, I would choose the muffin, but this Chocolate Hazelnut Donut filled with Nutella caught my eye. In fact, the tray was empty, so I asked the staff at Tim Hortons if they were making anymore. They asked if I was willing to wait a couple minutes for a new batch, and I was so willing!

This flower-shaped doughnut topped with peanuts and filled with Nutella was delicious! Quite sweet on its own, so I'm glad I shared it with Mike and Kristen. I also liked how they put it in the Timbit box instead of the usual paper bag so that the doughnut wasn't squished.

The other Nutella offering at Tim Hortons is the pastry pockets. Has anyone tried those yet?


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  • I love Nutella. I just tried one of these donuts yesterday and it was delicious! I like how the nuts give it some texture
    Nelson @ 2015-05-05

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