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Pickle Barrel in @YorkdaleStyle

Posted: 04/30/15

Pickle Barrel in @YorkdaleStyle

Restaurant: Pickle_Barrel Toronto

Nelson @thepicklebarrel: A huge restaurant in Yorkdale, it's almost guaranteed to be able to accommodate larger groups and services them with a large menu. But is the food any good?

I tried the Great Reuben sandwich with grilled marble rye, pastrami, melted swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing ($10.99). This was pretty good with moist ingredients making it tasty. I've had better (like in NYC), but this was still good.

Kitty tried a fish dish that is no longer on the menu. I think I know why it isn't on the menu any more as it wasn't very good. The fish itself was fine, but everything else was way too salty and I couldn't eat much of it. And I was already having a typically salty Reuben. I only had a bit of this dish myself.

Overall nothing to get excited about over the food here. Good place for large gatherings though.

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