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Seoul House

Posted: 04/28/15

Seoul House

Restaurant: Mississauga Seoul_House

Nelson: A Korean run Korean restaurant in Mississauga, we checked them out for Sushi :( We didn't feel like kbbq that night, but sushi with banchan is nice too. You get 5 hefty portions here with the kimchi being especially sharp and spicy. How do they make kimchi so sharp tasting, is it overwhelming sourness? Anyway, my favourite was the seaweed salad.
Kitty picked the dynamite roll bento box ($14.99). Unfortunately the dynamite roll (top right) wasn't very good. Strangely it came with a sweet dipping sauce, but overall it was still a bit dry and too large. California rolls were actually ok in this case. The glass noodles in the bottom right are so Korean, but I guess that's to be expected.
I had the salmon lover box ($15.99). This is truly for salmon lovers, look at all that orange goodness! The sashimi pieces were huge which makes it really enjoyable to eat in my books. The spicy salmon was really good with a lot of salmon & avocado filling. The salmon sushi was welcome too. This is named correctly as you have to love salmon to enjoy this one.

Even though it's a Korean restaurant the sushi is decent here. I think the Korean dishes would be even better though, so that's what I'll try next time.

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