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Piggy's Restaurant - Best KBBQ

Posted: 04/22/15

Piggy's Restaurant - Best KBBQ

Restaurant: North_York Piggys_Restaurant

Nelson: @foodigatorJ recommended this #Korean #BBQ place and I finally had my chance to try it. The first thing to notice is the beautiful grey wood charcoal used in the grill. It's hard to capture fire in a photo, but this looked much cooler in person than what I could capture.
You want banchan? Here's plenty. So much variety here and with some really good ones like the eggy soup, pancake, glass noodles, two different green leaf salads, potato salad and tofu soup. I think some of these may have been included in a combo we ordered, but I'm not sure as the servers mostly spoke Korean. That's not all, there are even more...
Red radish, kimchi daikon, coleslaw like salad, seaweed, green vegetables (tasted like chinese vegetables) and kimchi. So many!
Here is the star of the meal, called So Yang Nyeom Gal Bi (korean-style marinated beef rib for $25.95 with minimum two orders), it comes to your table on a platter all rolled up. The servers cook it for you and cut it up when it is finished cooking. The meat was so well marbled without large chunks of fat hanging on like it usually is at most kbbq places. The flavour was incredible and because it was so well marbled, the texture was great too. You can't even begin to compare the quality of this meat to AYCE KBBQ places. The menu had an even higher grade of meat, which must be even more amazing, but it costs $29.95 per serving.
The beef is served with lettuce, raw garlic, soy raw thinly cut radish, oil and a spicy peanut sauce. These ingredients go so well together and complement the amazing beef. Best beef ribs I've ever had.
These are the steamed dumplings to go with our sweet potato vermicelli cold noodles (Naeng Myeon + Gae Seong Man Du $16.95) (which are pictured last). These are the largest dumplings I've encountered in my life. The problem is that fell apart easily. The included sauce elevated the taste of these deliciously filled dumplings. Ever complain about dumplings with not enough filling? No one can complain about these.
This is the Haemul Pageon ($23.95) or seafood pancake. It was stuffed full of seafood and green onion with very little dough, which normally is a good thing, but it fell apart too easily and made eating difficult. Regardless it was delicious and good value.
This is the Daepae Samgyeopsal ($39.95) which is thinly sliced pork belly. Normally at Korean restaurants I've had this thickly cut. Which way is better? Thin cut is much more tender and easy to eat and the fat cooks of more easily. Advantages to both methods I suppose.
The way it is cooked is by placing the bacon on a very hot grill plate that leans at an angle to allow the fat to slide down and drain away. You have to pay close attention to not overcook the meat as it cooks very quickly. But then you get to eat a copious number of delightfully thin pork belly slices which is an absolute joy. Eating it this way makes it taste leaner and lighter than straight bacon but with all the flavour intact.

I think raw garlic is served with this as well, but even though I love garlic I can't eat it raw, so we cooked it on the grill as well and enjoyed it that way. Not sure if committed sacrilege, but it sure tasted good after soaking up a lot of pork belly fat!

Here is the potato vermicelli that went with the dumplings above. I don't normally like vermicelli, but these were really good with a unique taste AND texture that I liked. Colour me surprised!
At the end of the meal came some plum juice...I think. It didn't taste of plum, but more like a cough syrup to me, but I still enjoyed it. We also had some soju even though it was difficult communicating with the wait staff to understand what the difference was between the four choices we had, whatever one we ended up picking was surprisingly smooth.

Overall, incredible meat, but every single other dish was great as well. Rare for a restaurant to be successful on every dish and rare for a restaurant to have such great meat grilled at your own table. They even changed out the plates for each different type of meat being eaten. This Korean restaurant (run by Koreans) is the best Korean BBQ I've had yet! The only downside to this experience was my clothes smelling like meat, but some may consider that an upside. Thanks for the recommendation @foodigatorJ!

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