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Children Cooking for Parents

Posted: 04/18/15

Children Cooking for Parents

Restaurant: none

Nelson: With Kitty's extended family it was somehow decided that one day the kids (younger generation) would cook for the parents. Most of the time the parents cook for the kids, so this would be a nice change of pace. So one day we did it!

Here is some guacamole and some pickled cucumber from Carmen and Mary.

We brought some roasted vegetables that turned out to be very popular.
This is a chili from Amy. I love chili!
Justin brought some curry fishballs. The flavour is so intense for these!
Rob cooked some steak. He even brought over his skillet and cooked it expertly. I gotta get me one of these to cook steak at home.
We made a large lasagna too, which seems to be our go to dish for large groups.
It was fun to have the younger generation cook for the adults in a role reversal. It was delicious too!


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