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Scaddabush Yet Again Yet Again

Posted: 04/16/15

Scaddabush Yet Again Yet Again

Restaurant: Mississauga Scaddabush

Nelson: Here yet again because I like it! Let's start with the $3.38 bread. It's still a charity bread, but it's more expensive and different too. You can see the oil on it, but the fat it adds makes it taste splendid
I always order the Osso Bucco Bites here ($10.33). This one disappointingly didn't have any marrow to suck out, but otherwise, the chunks of meat were quite large, sweet, salty and delicious.
This is fresh mozzarella made fresh daily in house. This is the buratta version ($12.38) infused with honey and truffle cream with focaccia crostini. It was wonderful as usual with the freshness coming though and the slight honey flavour making it even better. Yum!
Napoli pasta ($33.22 for social ie sharing size) with fresh spaghetti, shrimp, salsa verde, roasted grape tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil. It had an unexpectedly sharper taste than I expected and I'm not sure where it was from. It was still really good with great flavour. The fresh pasta that is cooked perfectly really makes this dish standout.
This is another sharing size, this time of the spaghetti & meatball ($29.44). This time the meatball was a tad dry, so perhaps getting the stuffed version is worth it. The pasta was noticeably fresh and cooked al dente, which makes this really really good.
This is the diavolo ($15.43) pizza with spicy chicken, mozzarella, pecorino cheese, caramelized onions, roasted grape tomatoes and balsamic reduction. I haven't had much success with the pizza here, and again this was ok. The bread the pizza comes on - usually a weak point in pizza - was pretty good this time, but the toppings could have used more quantity, especially the cheese.

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