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Chinese Dumpling House - Inexpensive, Fast and Delicious

Posted: 04/14/15

Chinese Dumpling House - Inexpensive, Fast and Delicious

Restaurant: Chinese_Dumpling_House Markham

Nelson: Despite other shortcomings, the food here is really good, so that's why I keep coming back.

The pan fried sliced beef shank in pancake ($5.99) is excellent here. The deep fried dough part was especially delicious and when combined with the other complementary ingredients makes for a simple yet delicious dish.

We had some steamed pork and cabbage dumplings ($4.99 for 15) and steamed pork and leek dumplings (same price). A few were stuck together which detracted from the enjoyment of eating these a bit. Those that were intact had a delicious soup inside.
The beef noodle soup's ($5.99) noodles were good, but I found the beef itself a little bit too fatty. Some other people may like it this way though.
The pan fried pork and chive dumpling ($3.99) were average.
Personally I like the chive version (right) better than the cabbage version (left).
Lastly the green beans sauteed with minced pork ($6.99) is excellent here. The beans were slightly on the raw side, but they were crisp. The flavours in this dish while simple are yummy. The prices are all very affordable, the food comes out quickly and is delicious. Ignore everything else and you have a winner.

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