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Yummy Viet Thai - Worst meal ever?

Posted: 04/12/15

Yummy Viet Thai - Worst meal ever?

Restaurant: Scarborough Yummy_Viet_Thai_Fusion

Nelson: How bad can a pho place be? I mean pho is good because it's cheap, fast, filling and tastes good. It's hard to screw up, but this restaurant somehow manages to. We somehow ended up here but without expectations we figures we'd order the two dishes that were being advertised the most.

The pho noodles ($7.49) were extremely soft and mushy to the point where it had no texture whatsoever and was just mush. The actual flavour of the soup was ok, but the beef balls tasted a bit funny for some reason. Then the plate of bean sprouts came out and they were already cooked. Weird right? Also on that plate was lemon instead of lime. This tasted like leftover pho from the week before and not surprisingly was the worst bowl of pho I've had in my life. What is going on here?

We also ordered the Hainan chicken with rice ($8.49). It came with this weirdly coloured meat. Well what meat little meat that came was discoloured with very little flavour. The rice was coloured too, but somehow was even less flavourful. How is it possible to make a dish so bland?

This was one of the worse meals I've ever had. Yes that is a lemon in the pho.

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